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About the Milford, Hartland and Highland Michigan Area 


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THE VILLAGE.  Although Milford, Hartland, and Highland, boast a small town village atmosphere, they are quite different in history and character.

THE TOWNSHIP.  Milford, Hartland and Highland area residents consider this the perfect place to live, for those that want to live in rural America.

2003 Milford Village Population 6,240
2003 Milford Township Population 9,416
The Village and the Township of Milford are governed by separate bodies of government, while both are protected by the same police force.  Milford is a modern city with a small town flavor.   The community takes pride in maintaining heritage, history and tradition.  This is apparent as you experience the many holidays and events hosted by Milford, and as you walk through its quaint shops and restaurants proudly owned by area residents.

The power of the Huron River and the beauty of the valley it created attracted Milford's early residents. Elizur and Stanley Ruggles, who first settled the area in 1832, built their sawmill on the river, which, along with nearby Pettibone Creek, eventually supplied power to eight different mills.

In 1836, a general store was established which, over the years, evolved into a clothing store, and today remains in the family of one of its original owners. Arms Brothers is not only the oldest established business in Milford, it is also the oldest men's store in the state of Michigan.

Many of Milford's early settlers came from New England, but a number came directly from England, attracted by fertile farmland. The influx necessitated construction of the first school building in 1837. As the population grew, the village was incorporated in 1869. Three bridges were eventually built to span the Huron River. The year 1871 saw the establishment of Oakland County's oldest newspaper, The Milford Times, and the arrival of the Holly, Wayne and Monroe Railway. Industry took hold as the railway opened up new markets not only for the produce of local farmers, but also the manufactured goods being produced in Milford. Soon items such as furniture, window screens, farm implements and plumbing supplies were being transported from Milford to markets around the state and the nation.

In the early 1880's, telephone lines connected Milford to the world beyond, and pipes were laid to establish a waterworks system in 1895. The late nineteenth century brought a great deal of economic development to Milford, as lumber yards, grocery stores, drug stores, shoe shops, restaurants and hotels sprang up.

The year 1900 brought the first automobile to Milford, and not long afterward, automobile pioneers brought more industry to Milford. In 1924, the General Motors Corporation chose Milford as the site of its new General Motors Proving Ground. Here the company would test its vehicles under various conditions. In 1938, Henry Ford came to town in hopes of harnessing waterpower from the Huron and Pettibone Creek. The Ford Carburetor Plant was built, and it supplied welcome employment for many young people who might otherwise have had to leave Milford looking for work at the end of the Depression. The Proving Ground remains on the west side of Milford today, but the Ford plant closed not long after Henry Ford's death.

Milford has grown to be a thriving, thoroughly modern community, attracting businesses and homeowners alike, but it has retained its charm and beauty, along with a reverence for its place in history.

NOTE: The History Of Milford Was Adapted From The Following Two Sources:

Mastick, Margaret Rowe, 'Pioneer Days in Milford Village, Sections 1-3,' 125th Anniversary Booklet, 1957 (unpaged)

Ten Minutes Ahead of the Rest of the World. Milford, MI: Milford Historical Society, 1982.
Milford Community Information Network

For more information about Milford be sure to check out the link at the top of this page called "Milford Community Information Network".

2000 Population 10,996
The Village of Hartland, first called Hartland Center, was founded shortly after the Township was settled in 1836.  The Village has never been incorporated but has served as a center for merchants to set up shops, local government, and schools to serve the farm families who settled in the area.

Located near the recently changed junction of US-23 and M-59 (Highland Road), Hartland is centrally located to all major urban area of Southeastern Michigan!  This interchange, is necessary to meet the growing needs of my new Livingston County residence  The new interchange design is called a Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI), a design newer to Michigan. For more information and a complete layout go to http://www.michigan.gov.

The Hartland area has so much to offer, and I am pleased you are considering living in this great community.  Real Estate in Hartland is an outstanding value!

Hartland - A large community with a small town charm!

PARSHALLVILLE (Part of the Hartland Community)
The Historic Village of Parshallville is located just minutes North of Hartland.  There you can walk back in time while visiting the old Parshallville Cider Mill.

There are several cider mills to choose from throughout the community.  You'll hear the native residence talk about long time family traditions and gatherings at the local mills. Here is the address of the mill:

Parshallville Cider Mill
8507 Parshallville Road
Tyrone Twp, MI

There are many historical sites still existing today.  Contact the Hartland Area Historical Society at P.O. Box 49, Hartland, MI  48353 or call (810) 632-6022 for more educational information about the following:

· First Schools House 1836
· First House in Town 1842 Log Cabin
· First General Store 1846
· Old Town Hall 1842 (currently the Dearing museum)
· Grist Mill 1837
· Ice House 1870's
· First Hotel in Town 1840
· Foundry 1849
· Drug Store and First Post office
· Third Hotel in Town 1855
· Blacksmith Shop
· Second Hotel in Town 1849/Cromaine Crafts 1834
· Lemen Inn 1919
· Early Post Office and Ice House 1891
· Blacksmith Shop
· Cromaine Library 1927
· Cemetery 1840
· Methodist Church 1854

2003 Population . . . 19,945
Established in 1835, named Highland because of its elevated position, containing some of the highest land settled at that time.  The original “Village of Highland” also known as “Spring Mills” was located at the intersection of M-59 and Harvey Lake Road along the waters of Pettibone Creek, providing power for the grist mill and cider mill.  With the installation of the Railroad in the early 1870’s the focus of the “Village” shifted west to what is still known as “Highland Station”, located at the intersection of Milford and Livingston Roads.  This Village area originally offered a depot, post office, grain elevator, pickle works, and a wind-powered planning mill.  Many of the Victorian-era churches, homes and businesses are still around today.  The Railroad also helped establish the “Village of Clyde”, a once ‘busy’ area of the Township, now remains rural residential.

Highland Township became noticed in the early 20th century because of it numerous lakes and parks.  Many early visitors established this area as a ‘cottage community’.  Highland is home to Duck Lake, White Lake, Pettibone Lake, Woodruff Lake, Dunham Lake and numerous other smaller community swimming holes and lakes.

It might interest you to know that nearly 25% of Highland Township is state recreational land (6000 acres).  Home to Dodge Brothers State Park No. 10 and the Edsel Ford estate of “Haven Hill”, which together make up the Highland State Recreation Area.

Besides all this great state recreational land, Highland Township offers a mix of farmland and large lot subdivisions.

Highland Township, home to the areas Huron Valley Soccer Club at HICKORY RIDGE PINES located off Hickory Ridge, 2 miles north of M-59. This park is also home to the Annual SPARKS IN THE PARK FIREWORKS display sponsored. This is an exceptional event that allows for an entire day of community activities leading up to the grand finale celebrating my Independence as a Nation. In addition to this great yearly event this park offers a small baseball field, picnic facilities, along with paved and natural walking trails.

The new DUCK LAKE PINES is home to the Hi-White Youth Athletic Association, the local softball association.  Located just a quarter mile south of M-59 this great park offers basketball, tennis, volleyball, in-line skating, a children’s play structure, an archery range, as well as paved and unpaved walking trails. 

Contact the township for more information about the developing parks and bike path system.

Highland Downtown Development Authority (HDDA) is redeveloping the Highland Station Area with the desire to enhance the downtown area with a small town flare, offering economic development and preservation of the historic Highland Station area and surrounding commercial district.  Changes will include a connection between the Highland Station Area and the new Library location (which will eventually be the new home to the township offices), sanitary sewer and water service, streetscape improvements for Livingston and Milford Road, old world lighting street lamps, signage improvements and pedestrian improvements.  (Highland Township Update, December 2003)
HDDA meets the first Wednesday of each month from 5:30 to 6:30 at the Highland Township Senior Center, 209 John Street.  Contact the Planning Department at 248-887-3791, ext. 2 or email hdda@twp.highland.mi.me for more information.


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